Love is Sweet

20130601_20130601_LorigInterns_5635Everyone loves a wedding cake. They have even come to expect it. And why wouldn’t you? Especially when it is one of Irene’s masterpieces. With her help, Janet Dunnington Destination Weddings was able to provide an extravagant dessert spread to satisfy any sweet tooth.

 Miniature birch log treats…

20130601_20130601_LorigJL_0855To delicious macaroons….

20130601_20130601_LorigJL_0856and sweet mints to top it off.


What’s a Vermont country wedding without a Ben & Jerry’s Cart?20130531_20130531_LorigRe_7246

20130531_20130531_LorigRe_6071With all the toppings, of course.


And just to cover all the bases…even treats for the dogs at home.


Planning by Janet Dunnington Destination Weddings

Photographs by Emma Dodge Hanson Photography – Desserts by Irene’s Cakes by Design – Reception held at Hildene


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